Friday, August 8, 2008

Goals for August 2008

At the beginning of every month, I post my update for the previous month's progress, and set goals for the month to come. I'm a bit late this month, but I've still got a few things in mind for August:
  • Reduce my revolving debt to $18,000 (currently at $18,654.22) - I fell short of my July goal, so let's pick up the pace a bit this month.

  • Grow my Emergency Fund to $1,900 (currently at $1,713.67) - With the change in Ms. Loonie's pay schedule, I'm beefing up my Emergency Fund to provide more of a buffer during the days between my paycheque and hers. Getting the fund to around $2,000 should give me lots of room to manoeuvre.

  • Run at least twice per week. I've recently invested in some good "moisture-wicking" exercise clothes and a good pair of running shoes, so I really need to get on top of this fitness thing. I went for a run on Tuesday, and it felt good. Let's keep it up.

  • Try two new recipes for foods that we would usually buy prepared. I'm thinking along the lines of making our own salsa, or preparing a batch of gazpacho. I think it will be fun, frugal and healthy to start preparing these sorts of foods ourselves.
I'm off on vacation next week, so I'm a little light on goals, and don't have any post-count-related items here, but I'm hoping it will still be a strong month.

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