Friday, July 20, 2007

One Heck of a Dip

Well, the consolidation loan has funded. I now have $26,000 in "new" debt.

Of course, this is anything but new debt; I just haven't been including my better half's holdings in my net worth calculations. Calculating net worth as a household number will give me a much more accurate picture of where we stand. It also means that including our condo and mortgage in the calculation may make more sense, since "we" can liquidate the asset in a pinch, whereas "I" could not.

This is ultimately a good thing; we have a great rate on the consolidation loan, and we'll have it paid off in less than five years. It also brings four separate loans under one umbrella, making the tracking much easier.

It just makes me a little queasy seeing my total debts jump by 75% in one month.

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