Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Vacation Aftermath

I've been tallying up our expenditures from our trip to Illinois, and thought I'd post my June month-end results. The exchange rate during our trip was about 10%, which is far more favourable than the 55% we faced when we visited Chicago five years ago. This "near-parity" of the Canadian and US dollars seems to have sent us into a bit of a spending frenzy, but overall the results aren't as bad as they could have been.

Here's the story:

Online Savings - $635.80
Self-Directed RSP - $5,904.69
Employer Group RSP - $33,201.78

Credit Cards - $3,945.72
Line of Credit - $22,647.79
Student Loans - $7,400.98

Net Investable Assets: $5,747.78
Net Liquid Assets: ($33,358.69)

Essentially, debts went up by $94.66 vs. last month, while assets went down by $425.19. The asset drop was a combination of vacation spending and poor stock performance (my overall RSP balance declined by $152.40 despite making nearly $600 in contributions). The debt increase is not really accurate, since I will be reimbursed for $600 in travel costs, which I will then apply to the debt, for a net decrease of $505.34.

Not great performance, but the good news is that debts are going down, and although assets decreased, I essentially paid cash for our vacation, which is a victory in itself.

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