Thursday, September 4, 2008

Goals for September 2008

At the beginning of every month, I post my update for the previous month's progress, and set goals for the month to come. I'm a bit late this month, but I've still got a few things in mind for August:
  • Reduce my revolving debt to $17,500 (currently at $18,078.20) - I've missed the last two months' "stretch" goals, so this amount seems right in line with my progress to date.

  • Grow my Emergency Fund to $2,000 (currently at $1,912.41) - Getting the fund to this level will comfortably cover the delay between my own payday and Ms. Loonie's paycheque, and lets me ease off this goal for a bit and focus on debt elimination.

  • Run at least twice per week. My exercise schedule was virtually nonexistent in August, so it's time to pick up the pace. Twice per week should be manageable, so let's stop talking about it and get running.

  • Try two new recipes for foods that we would usually buy prepared. We had a lot of fun making gazpacho last week, so I'm eager to try this again. I'm looking at ideas like from-scratch pasta, salsa, and some other items, so I'll keep you posted.
September is a month for new beginnings, so it's time to get things back on track.

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