Friday, June 26, 2009

Pre-order Windows 7 for "cheap"

I've been reading a fair bit about the next version of Microsoft Windows, and it sounds like it's the same sort of "step up" from Vista that XP was from 98 or ME. New functionality, improved performance and a very open and transparent beta-testing process have really piqued my interest in the new OS. The press for Windows 7 has been pretty overwhelmingly positive, and there's currently a promotion to pre-order the upgrade version for a discounted price.

In Canada, that comes to a discounted price of $65 for the Home Premium edition, and $125 for Professional. That's basically 50% off the regular selling price of the software, and the promotion runs until July 11, or while quantities last.

I've foregone Vista entirely, and currently dual-boot a Windows XP/Ubuntu system, and $65 to upgrade from XP seems like a good deal, especially considering Microsoft isn't known for cutting its prices.

Here in Canada, you can pre-order Windows 7 through Amazon, Staples, Future Shop or Best Buy. I've placed my order for Home Premium, and I'm looking forward to installing it when it comes out in October.

You can read more details on the offer, as well as some background on Windows 7 over at Gizmodo.

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Quoizel said...

Love the new price. hopefully the have the bugs worked out. I dont think I can handle another vista.