Thursday, May 1, 2008

Payday update

Well, I've posted my April update, and with today as the first payday of a three-pay month, I've also updated my progress bars and NCN Network chart.

I've crossed another milestone with today's payment against my revolving debt: I have now paid off more than 25% of the $27,610.94 that I started with a year ago. 26.11% of my revolving debt has now been paid off. That's a big portion of the debt, but it's also a little discouraging when put in the context of my stated goal of an April 2009 payoff deadline. It's looking like this debt will be with me longer than I had hoped when I set that goal.

That's something I can live with, though, because of the progress that I continue to make on an ongoing basis. I have a cushion of savings ($1,333.02 in the form of a no-strings-attached Emergency Fund, and more money socked away for planned spending like car repairs, taxes and licence renewals). I've paid off $7,210.51 in revolving debt, and our mortgage and student loans are also on the way down. I'm definitely moving forward; I just thought the destination would turn out to be a little closer.

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