Monday, July 21, 2008

Keeping Things Undone

An anonymous commenter pointed out last week how much I've been prattling on about updating my address with Equifax to reflect my correct postal code, something I've been planning to do since April. This task seems to have found a permanent home in my monthly goals, without ever really being addressed.

There are a few of reasons I've been slow to act on this:
  • The impact of the change is minimal. Other than the postal code, all the information in my report is accurate. Not only that, but the report was successfully (and promptly) delivered to my home address in spite of the incorrect postal code, so this is really having very little effect on me.

  • The mechanism for making the change is unclear. The last page of the report is a "Consumer Credit Report Update Form", but the layout of this form seems more geared toward disputing incorrect items (such as judgments, invalid trade lines, etc.) in your report than updating personal information.

  • Credit bureaus have a reputation for being difficult to work with. I really don't know how much resistance I'll encounter when I make the request, and this uncertainty is making me procrastinate.
These three factors have been keeping me from biting the bullet and getting this thing done. However, thanks to Anonymous' comment, I have decided to suck it up and make the change.

This afternoon, I faxed the update form to Equifax, along with copies of two credit statements with my current address, and a photocopy of my driver's licence and credit card. We'll see how smoothly the process goes from here.

This is a small, small, small victory, but it's an item that I can finally cross off my to-do list.

Welcome to KTU: productivity, the Loonies And Sense way!

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Ryan @ Smarter Wealth said...

I say you should either do it now and get it over and done with or cross it off the list completely. if you haven't done it fince April it can't be that important.
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