Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Well that's embarrassing.

Last Monday, I posted that I had finally contacted Equifax to correct my postal code (a matter of replacing a "6" with a "5"), after four straight months of meaning to get around to it.

Once I finally looked at the paperwork in detail, it turned out to be as simple as faxing them a form with some supporting documentation. No stamp for snail mail, no waiting on hold with their customer service department. Just filling out a form, photocopying some statements and identification, and sending a fax.

Today I received an updated copy of my credit report in the mail, and my postal code has been correted.

For those keeping score, consider the following:
  • Loonies And Sense's turnaround time: five months from receiving initial Equifax report to sending fax with updated information

  • Equifax's turnaround time: three days from receiving fax to updating records and sending out new copy of report

  • Canada Post's turnaround time: six days to deliver updated credit report
My math may be off, but I think I might just be the weak link in that chain.

As embarrassed as I may be, at least it's something I can officially check off my goals for the month. That's got to count for something.

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