Monday, March 2, 2009

February update

For such a short month, February seemed to last forever. Between work and personal commitments, I felt like I was being pulled in about fifty directions, but I did accomplish a few things since last month:
  • Reduced my revolving debt to $14,413.42 - This was just keeping up with my regular bi-weekly payments. The drop of $377.82 was a little lower than last month, because I had to pay off my 0% credit card. This ended the "interest amnesty" I've been enjoying on my revolving debt since last January, and meant that the banks carried more heft in the tug-of-war of my debt reduction. Still, less than $30 in interest is nothing to gripe about. I'm looking into starting a new round of 0% offers this month, so let's see what I can find.

  • Grew my Emergency Fund to $1,686.35 - Just a $33.06 increase this month, but even in slow-and-steady mode on this goal, I'm still on track to make $2,000 by year-end.

  • Grew our Wedding Fund to $1,684.29 - I have just over $600 of this in a TFSA with ING, but the rest is available for any deposits we need to make over the coming months.

    NOTE: Since this money is earmarked to be spent on our wedding next year, any valid wedding expense that we pay for from this account will not reduce my progress on this goal. This may seem like funny accounting, but the real goal here is to pay cash for the wedding, so I don't plan to penalize myself for using these funds as intended.
Now, on to my month-end update:

Online Savings - $2,211.34
Self-Directed RSP - $32,949.57
Employer Group RSP - $7,440.61

Revolving Debt - $14,413.42
Student Loans - $21,756.26

Net Investable Assets: $6,431.84
Net Liquid Assets: ($33,958.34)

My liquid savings (which don't include our Wedding Fund, since this money is already pretty much spoken for) grew slightly, mostly through contributions to my Freedom Account. This month saw yet another slide in my RRSP, in spite of over $600 in contributions. These changes translated to a net decrease of $2,057.05 in my investable assets, along with a $936.74 drop in my non-mortgage debt.

Overall, my net investable assets decreased by $1,120.31, and my net liquid assets increased by $1,397.63. My NetworthIQ profile has also been updated (including loose cash, home, car and mortgage).

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