Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April update

Well, this is a bit late. We're almost a week into the month of May, and I still haven't posted my April numbers. I don't really have a good reason for the delay, aside from a full plate at work and enjoying the nice weather we've been having. At any rate, let's see how I did last month:
  • Reduced my revolving debt to $13,333.48 - This means that I am finally below 50% of the $27,610.74 that I started with two years ago. It also means that it's taken me twice as long as expected to pay off my revolving debt, but I've had two years of consistent, strong progress, and there's nothing wrong with that.

  • Grew my Emergency Fund to $1,780.85 - This progress is very slow and steady, but until the debt is gone, this fund is more of a "nice-to-have" cushion than a true Emergency Fund, so it can't be my priority at the moment. Still, I'll continue throwing $25 into it every two weeks, until I'm able to get more serious about building up a few months' expenses.

  • Grew our Wedding Fund to $2,643.23 - We should be in good shape for our wedding next summer, at the rate we're saving for it. Ms. Loonie has been building up her own wedding cache on the side, which is not reflected here, and we're pretty much neck-in-neck at the moment.

    NOTE: Since this money is earmarked to be spent on our wedding next year, any valid wedding expense that we pay for from this account will not reduce my progress on this goal. This may seem like funny accounting, but the real goal here is to pay cash for the wedding, so I don't plan to penalize myself for using these funds as intended.
Now, on to my month-end update:

Online Savings - $2,609.69
Self-Directed RSP - $37,831.13
Employer Group RSP - $11,304.00

Revolving Debt - $13,333.48
Student Loans - $20,349.56

Net Investable Assets: $18,061.78
Net Liquid Assets: ($31,073.35)

Once again, my RRSP was buoyed by the market rally this month; along with over $600 in contributions, this rally lifted my investment balance by $4,530.09. Liquid savings also rose, for a net increase of $5,138.56 in my investable assets, accompanied by a $1,581.23 drop in my non-mortgage debt, helped along by April being a three-pay month.

Overall, my net investable assets increased by $6,719.79, and my net liquid assets increased by $2,189.70. My NetworthIQ profile has also been updated (including loose cash, home, car and mortgage).

Not a bad month.

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