Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March update

April has arrived, and we're firmly into spring, so let's see how I did last month:
  • Reduced my revolving debt to $14,069.07 - Still chipping away... I'm within spitting distance of $14,000 (my 2008 year-end goal), and almost half-way through my debt elimination. Over the next month, I'll be ramping up my bi-weekly payments to get a bit more aggressive with paying this off.

  • Grew my Emergency Fund to $1,718.86 - Slowly but surely closing the gap to my $2,000 goal for the end of the year.

  • Grew our Wedding Fund to $2,110.11 - I owe less income tax than I was expecting, so I was able to transfer some cash from the tax savings bucket in my Freedom Account over to my Wedding Fund. Ms. Loonie is working on her own savings account for the wedding, so by the end of the year we should have a nice bundle built up.

    NOTE: Since this money is earmarked to be spent on our wedding next year, any valid wedding expense that we pay for from this account will not reduce my progress on this goal. This may seem like funny accounting, but the real goal here is to pay cash for the wedding, so I don't plan to penalize myself for using these funds as intended.
Now, on to my month-end update:

Online Savings - $1,875.90
Self-Directed RSP - $35,174.22
Employer Group RSP - $9,430.82

Revolving Debt - $14,069.07
Student Loans - $21,195.20

Net Investable Assets: $11,216.67
Net Liquid Assets: ($33,388.37)

For a change, my RRSP actually grew this month, thanks to the recent market rally and over $600 in contributions. Liquid savings are down a bit, for a net increase of $3,879.42 in my investable assets, accompanied by a $905.41 drop in my non-mortgage debt.

Overall, my net investable assets decreased by $4,784.93, and my net liquid assets increased by $569.97. My NetworthIQ profile has also been updated (including loose cash, home, car and mortgage). I recently re-checked the Canadian Black Book® value of my car, and found that it has dropped substantially since I last checked two years ago. I've reflected this change in my overall net worth calculation going forward.

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