Thursday, April 2, 2009

Payday update - rolling over

OK, so this is kind of cool.

I got paid today (as I do every second Thursday), and in typical data-addict mode, I've been updating my financial spreadsheet. This is where I keep track of monthly net worth, as well as monthly and bi-weekly progress toward my various financial goals. Looking at the numbers, I noticed that a whole slew of balances crossed key thresholds today.

Here's the run-down:
  • Revolving Debt - Crossed the $14,000 mark, dropping from $14,069.07 to $13,853.02. This finally puts me below my year-end target for 2008.

  • Student Loans - Crossed the $21,000 mark, dropping from $21,195.20 to $20,913.86. This gets even cooler when you realize that the two loans making up this total went from $4,023.47 to $3,945.06 and $17,171.73 to $16,968.80, respectively.

  • Mortgage - Finally crossed the $300,000 mark for the last time. At $299,116.04, we are at last beyond the reaches of accruing interest. Look out, $200K, here we come!

  • Rising Above the Powers-Of-Ten Bias - Most significant of all, my Emergency Fund and Wedding Fund crossed the $1,732 mark and $2,127 marks, respectively, currently sitting at $1,733.86 and $2,160.11!
I've updated my progress bars, as well as the NCN Network chart for my revolving debt, bringing my Total % Paid to 49.83%. I'm so close to half-way I can taste it.

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