Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Canadian High-Interest Savings - Redux

One of my first posts was a brief run-down of a few Canadian high-interest savings accounts and their rates and features. I referred to an old review I'd found of the big players in the high-yield savings arena.

Today I found the CANOE Money summary of Canadian interest rates. These lists should prove useful:

Savings Account Rates
Credit Card Rates

Their list shows that ICICI Bank has the best rate (4.50%) of all the Canadian players, and after taking a tour of their website, it looks like they're a strong option. In fact, the review I posted previously has been updated to reflect that ICICI is probably the best choice for anything but a full chequing account replacement.

Another option I've found is Canadian Tire Financial Services, which offers an everyday 3.80% rate, with a 90-day teaser of 4.50%. Their everyday rate beats ING Direct, and they give a $10 gift card as a welcome gift.

I think I'll be trying out Canadian Tire and ICICI. I'll let you know how it goes, and whether I make any changes as a result.

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