Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Personal finance, frugality and... wait, I know this...

It's right there in the blog's subtitle: "Exploring personal finance, frugality and productivity... from a Canadian perspective." In the last two months, I've had plenty of posts on personal finance, and a few on frugality. There's lots more to be said on both these topics, but I've definitely touched on them. The one area where I am seriously under-delivering is in talking about productivity.

This has a lot to do with just how badly I scared myself with the state of my finances in April. I suddenly found myself deep in debt, with no signs that I was about to stop digging, and I became determined to reverse that trend. Since then, my focus has been on stopping the haemorrhage, and getting serious about debt reduction. I've been so wrapped up in the dollars side of things that I simply haven't put any thought toward the productivity angle.

It's a little humourous that I've been procrastinating in writing about productivity ("I'll read Getting Things Done next week! I promise!"), but the joke's run its course, and I think it's time I devoted some time and thought to this important subject. I really do think that productivity is a crucial topic in personal finance, as it is so closely linked to the "make more money" side of the equation.

So, the gist is that I will be adding some posts on productivity into the mix. I don't claim to be any kind of expert on this topic, and, as with personal finance, I'll be learning as I go. By reading and writing about productivity, I'm hoping that I will increase my own productivity, and generate some interesting and informative posts in the process.

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Wooly Woman said...

Looking forward to the productivity posts, I struggle with this being self employed. I am productive, but could I be more so and then work less? Probably, I just always find things to distract me :)