Saturday, September 1, 2007

August update

I know I signed off for the weekend yesterday, but it occurred to me last night that, with yesterday being a Friday and the last day of the month, I had the perfect opportunity to calculate a "clean" month-end financial summary. My previous summaries have been calculated as late as the 7th of the following month, so I now find myself far too excited about being able to provide you with a timely August month-end update.

Online Savings - $1,713.93
Self-Directed RSP - $35,327.40
Employer Group RSP - $4,740.82

Credit Cards - $2,561.00
Line of Credit - $23,162.46
Student Loans - $32,507.64

Net Investable Assets: ($16,448.95)
Net Liquid Assets: ($56,517.17)

The biggest change here is that most of my retirement savings are now sitting in my self-directed RSP account, meaning that I have much more control over the allocation of my investments. The recent market volatility has really made me nervous about having so much invested in a single financial institution, so I'm looking forward to getting this spread out across a few index funds..

As far as the numbers, assets had a huge jump of $3,151.17 this month, driven mostly by my rallying stock holdings, which had dropped by $1,500 the month before. Debts are down by $728.59 (remember that my debts now include our joint consolidation loan). Overall, net investable assets increased by $3,879.76, while net liquid assets increased by $1,441.12. Not a bad month.

I've also updated my NetworthIQ profile with the August month-end numbers. Note that this profile also includes my loose cash, and our condo, car and mortgage.

Now you can enjoy the long weekend.

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