Thursday, March 6, 2008

Payday update: 20% paid off!

It's that time again! We got paid this morning, so I've updated my progress bars and NCN Network chart.

The big news this week is that, after making my bi-weekly payment to my line of credit, my revolving debt now sits below 80% of its starting balance. That's right: I've paid off more than 20% of my starting debt of $27,610.74. That still leaves 80% to be paid off, but this milestone is still a nice little feather in my cap.

My Emergency Fund sits at exactly $1,270, so I'm on track to meet my March goal of $1,280 even before I receive my March interest accrual in these accounts.

I missed my weekly weigh-in yesterday, but given what a setback I had with the flu, I'll pick this up again next week. So far, however, I've been walking to and from work every day in March (all four of them, that is), and Ms. Loonie and I have a date for a game of squash after work tonight.

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