Friday, March 28, 2008

That was a close one.

As many of you know, I've had some issues in the past few months with overengineering my finances. At times feel like a financial Icarus, flying too close to the sun on wings of automated transfers. I've been burned twice by my financial fiddling, once when I forgot how many free withdrawals I was allowed in a month, and once when my auto insurer charged me $0.01 more than they said they would.

Well, yesterday I had a close call with ING. Due to Friday being a holiday, last Thursday's Freedom Amount contribution didn't clear until this morning (there's a five-business-day hold on deposits). When I checked my ING balances yesterday afternoon, I saw that my monthly donation to Jazz.FM91 had just come out of my "Giving" account, leaving me with a balance of $81.75, $80 of which was still on hold.

I have to admit I don't know the NSF rules at ING, but I can only assume that the outcome would not have made me happy. I'm a little unnerved that I only avoided the sordid details by $1.75.

Paid Twice has a post today on the pros and cons of automated finances, which really hit home for me after yesterday's close encounter.

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