Thursday, April 3, 2008

Payday update

I had to delete three spammy comments today. That's the most I've ever had to clean out in a single day. I guess in a way it's a nice sign that my blog's "on the radar", but it's annoying having to patrol the comments for this kind of junk. I can only imagine what Trent and JD deal with on a daily basis. I've added a CAPTCHA to validate commenters; let's see if this does the trick.

Ms. Loonie and I got paid today, so I've updated the progress bars and my NCN Network chart.

I think the 3rd of the month may be too early to make much of a forecast on my April performance, but I've made my regular savings contributions and debt payments, so I currently sit with $21,541.86 in revolving debt and $1,300.00 in my Emergency Fund. Provided I stick to the plan, this puts me on track to meet my financial goals for the month.

Of course, there are still 27 out of 30 days left to go, so stay tuned to see how I do with all my April goals.

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