Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weekly Wednesday weigh-in: Tax deadline coming up

Today's weigh-in once again showed no forward progress. I'm holding steady at 207lbs, which is frustrating but not surprising. I've really been watching the caloric intake side of things, but I haven't been as successful as I would like with keeping up my exercise schedule. By walking to and from work, I'm getting an hour of walking nearly every day, but what I really need to do is get down to the gym and/or squash court on a regular basis. If I can get into this schedule, then I should really start to see some consistent progress.

For those of you who haven't filed yet, next Wednesday is the deadline for filing your 2007 taxes if you owe. This time last year, I was forking over $1,500 from my line of credit to the CRA, and panicking about how I would ever pay it off. This year, I was able to put $500 of my tax refund toward debt reduction, above and beyond my regular bi-weekly payments.

Guess which one of those scenarios made me a happier camper?

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