Thursday, October 18, 2007

Itty bitty milestones

Well, today is payday, so I have a couple of things to report:
  1. My Emergency Fund has now reached $1,000. This was my goal for 2007 (and, in fact, until I pay off my revolving debt), so I can now take my bi-weekly Emergency Fund contributions and apply them to my debt reduction. The snowball has completed its first rotation.

  2. My revolving debt has now dropped by more than 10%, or more than 50% of my 2007 goal. Granted, since I "started the clock" on my finances on May 1, I'm already 70% through 2007, so I'm running behind, but it's still good progress. And with the Emergency Fund funded, my debt reduction will speed up, starting with my next paycheque.
They're small steps, but they're steps in the right direction. We'll see how I make out overall with my September goals.

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SavingDiva said...

Congrats on getting your EF to $1k. Mine is at $250 and holding.