Monday, October 1, 2007

September update

Well, September is over, and I'm awake. Interest has now posted to all my accounts, so I have a nice clean month-end review to provide.

First off, here's how I did with my September goals:
  • Grow my Emergency Fund to $750 - My Emergency Fund currently sits at $755.31. The $5.31 is interest accumulated since I began funding the account; the rest is all from actual contributions I've made. I'd say that qualifies as a goal met.

  • Grow my "short-term savings" fund to $500 - Current savings for our trip to Michigan are $502.41. With the Loonie as strong as it is, we should be in great shape. Check this one off the list.

  • Reduce my credit card/line of credit debt to $25,250 - My total revolving debt is currently $25,248.33, so it looks like I just managed to squeak this one in.

  • Write five productivity-themed blog posts - The less said about this, the better. 0 out of 5. I think this indicates that I really need to focus on this topic, as I clearly have room for improvement on the productivity front.
So, I basically nailed three of the four, and completely fumbled the fourth. Looking at which goals I met, it seems I place a very high priority on meeting financial goals, and less on the more qualitative "do something" goals. This should change. I know I have a procrastination problem, so I think I need to focus my "learn-as-I-write" approach and get this one figured out. Stick around; we will get there.

In addition to the specific goals I set for September, I managed to get all my RSP holdings transferred into my self-directed brokerage account, and I switched everything into index funds. I'll keep up my bi-weekly RSP contributions (with 50% employer match) into company stock, but I feel much better having a diversified portfolio. We'll see what kind of return I get over the next year.

Now, on to my month-end update:

Online Savings - $1,549.57
Self-Directed RSP - $40,226.95
Employer Group RSP - $655.08

Credit Cards - $3,002.34
Line of Credit - $22,245.99
Student Loans - $31,976.29

Net Investable Assets: ($14,793.02)
Net Liquid Assets: ($55,675.05)

My liquid savings dropped a bit, due to some expensive car repairs I had to pull out of my Freedom Account. However, through my regular contributions and a recovering market, my retirement savings increased substantially, leading to an overall asset increase of $649.45 this month. Debts are down by $1,006.48, so I had increases of $1,655.93 and $842.12 in my net investable and net liquid assets, respectively. My NetworthIQ profile has also been updated (including loose cash, home, car and mortgage).

Finally, let's get down some goals for October:
  • Grow my Emergency Fund to $975 (currently at $755.31)

  • Finish October with $75 in my "short-term savings" fund (currently at $502.41; essentially, the goal is for this amount to cover our trip to Michigan in two weeks, and not to rack up any new debt)

  • Reduce my revolving debt to $24,750 (currently at $25,248.33)

  • Blog once per week about productivity
I'm being a little stubborn about this productivity thing, but I really feel a need to focus on this. Let's see how it goes this month.

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Ms. M&P said...

Nice job on your financial goals! I'll be checking in for new posts in October ;) Any productivity posts planned?