Thursday, October 4, 2007

"Once per week" seemed easy enough on Monday...

I'm an incredible procrastinator.

I know that's likely true of most bloggers (after all, what better way to fritter away an hour than by updating your blog?), but I believe this is my single biggest shortcoming. I'll never do today what I can put off until tomorrow.

Case in point: on Monday, I stated as one of my goals for October that I would "blog once per week about productivity". This is an evolution of my failed September goal to "write five productivity-themed blog posts" for the month. It seems only natural that, as we approach the end of the week, the next iteration of this goal would be, "write a damn productivity post already!"

So, that's where I find myself.

I need help.

For years, now, I've been reading about Getting Things Done, the book by David Allen that revolutionized modern productivity. Sites like 43 Folders and Lifehacker extol the virtues of this Allen's system on a daily basis, from the Hipster PDA to custom Moleskine notebooks and countless software implementations, this is one seriously talked-about philosophy.

I'm familiar with the basic tenets of GTD: get the random, confusing "stuff" (tasks, schedules, etc.) out of your unreliable brain, and recorded in a medium that you can then "process" to tackle your to-do list in an orderly and efficient manner. Beyond that, however, all I've got is a lot of disjointed third-hand hacks and mods of a system I only barely understand.

I want to change that.

Taking a page from the book (pun, unfortunately, intended) of The Simple Dollar and I've Paid For This Twice Already..., I am going to read Getting Things Done, and I'm going to post my thoughts as I do. I'm going to use the following structure:
  1. Before reading, post my thoughts of what I expect to get out of the book/chapter.

  2. Read the book/chapter.

  3. Report on what I actually got out of the book/chapter.
It's high time I did something about my organization and productivity, and from what I've read, this book is a huge motivator in this area.

Bring it on.

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