Friday, December 7, 2007

Will the six-month milestones never cease?!

I started formally tracking my net worth at the end of April, so my first data point is my April 30 net worth. With my September month-end results, I had six-month s of data to explore. One month later, I had my starting point plus six months of progress to report.

Well, it suddenly occurred to me that today is Loonies And Sense's six-month anniversary. Yes, it was six months ago that I opened my doors to the blogosphere. A lot has happened in that time:
  • I've written over 100 posts

  • I've hosted a carnival

  • I've increased my net worth by $13,124.86 (90%), through a combination of $3,829.86 in asset growth and a whopping $9,835.00 in debt reduction (including $4,621.71 in mortgage payments)

  • I've accumulated a $1,000 Emergency Fund

  • I've re-allocated my retirement investments into low-cost index funds
I think this pretty much drains the pool of six-month milestones to celebrate, so expect the first round of one-year posts to surface in early April.

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Congratulations! That's fantastic progress!!