Sunday, November 25, 2007

30 days to go...

Christmas Day is exactly one month away. This weekend, Ms. Loonie and I decorated our condo for the holidays. This involved putting up our (fake) tree and assorted (fake) pine boughs, and a whole lot of snowman figurines. Ms. Loonie is a bit of a snowman junkie, and the consequences can be seen all over our living space.

Have you sorted out how you'll be handling the holiday season? From parties, to shopping, to general schedule management and deciding who you're going to visit when, there's a lot to get straight before the second half of December hits.

I've got my Freedom Account humming along, absorbing the impact of the few gifts that I've bought so far, and at the risk of sounding hopelessly naïve, I think I might just be able to manage this without incurring any new consumer debt. The December update that I post on January 2 will tell the tale, but for now, I'm just doing everything I can to prepare.

What are you doing to prepare for the holidays?

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