Thursday, November 29, 2007

Payday update

Ms. Loonie and I got paid today, and it's nearly the end of the month, so there's lots going on. I've updated my goal bars and NCN Network chart.

As far as my November goals, I've met my Emergency Fund goal of $1,100 (I'm currently at $1,101.59, and interest hasn't posted to the account yet). My short-term savings goal of $200 is completely out the window; I had to use these funds to cover some expenses we had earlier in the month. This doesn't bother me too much, because the Emergency Fund and debt reduction are far more important to me than having a couple hundred in "fun" savings. Speaking of debt reduction, I won't be meeting the $23,850 goal, but I have taken a big chunk out of the debt, so at least there's consistent forward progress.

I seem to be on track to meet my blogging goals (30 posts in November, two chapter reviews of Getting Things Done, and one post per week about productivity), which feels good.

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