Friday, November 2, 2007

Paper and productivity

43 Folders is a great source for productivity tips, although much of the information provided tends to be targeted toward Macintosh users. The Quicksilver application in particular is a favourite topic at the site.

In addition to the tips, tricks and hacks for optimizing Mac productivity software, however, the site is also home to loads of posts on the virtues of paper. This is where Merlin Mann first introduced the Hipster PDA. Initially created as a bit of a parody of the ubiquitous Crackberry, the Hipster is essentially a stack of index cards held together with a bulldog clip, carried in the hip pocket for note-taking and list-making. Whether Merlin meant for this idea to be taken seriously or not, the Hipster has become widely adopted as a low-tech, low-cost information processing solution.

A post yesterday on using Apple's iCal to create a paper agenda got me thinking about the PocketMod site that I found a few years ago. This is a simple Flash application that allows you to create a custom pocket planner, which you then print onto a single sheet of letter-size paper, and fold as instructed. You end up with a booklet that fits in your pocket, that is tailored to fit your note-taking and list-making needs.

I find it fascinating how high-tech and low-tech can come together to create solutions to everyday problems.

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