Friday, November 2, 2007

How'd that happen?

This morning, I thought I'd check my Google Page Rank. I've checked it sporadically over the last few months, and seen it go from "NA" to zero. I'm not sure whether there's actually a difference between these two values, but I interpreted NA as "not worth measuring", and zero as "on the scale, but at the very bottom".

Imagine my surprise today when I found that Loonies And Sense has a Page Rank of 3.

To put this in context, Amazon and eBay have a Page Rank of 9, while The Simple Dollar and All Financial Matters have a Page Rank of 5. I'm still a noob, but I'm growing.

To double-check my increased ranking, I searched Google for loonies and sense (no quotes), and found that my site is the number one result. I used to get this result when I used quotes, but not without. That's definitely an improvement.

Thanks to everyone who's linked to me, and made this happen.

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