Friday, November 16, 2007

Emergency Fund update

I've made another minor update to my Emergency Fund goal bar. Last night, Ms. Loonie and I called ING to follow up on our referral bonus. I had sent her a referral early in the summer, and after she opened her account at the end of August, neither of us had received the $13 incentive. After calling in last night, each of us received a $13 credit to our primary account. I rolled this straight into my Emergency Fund, which now sits at $1,071.57, or 53.6% of the $2,000 goal.

This puts me within spitting distance of my November EF goal ($1,100).

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Jon said...

How's this for weird: Last week I referred a friend, and the friend signed up. She got her bonus. I got an email saying I got my bonus. But... I didn't actually receive my bonus. Looks like I might have to call them too!