Monday, February 4, 2008

Costco carnage

Last week, the Loonie household ran out of several household staples simultaneously. We suddenly found ourselves with no sandwich bags, coffee filters, facial tissues, or toothpaste. So yesterday morning, with a short list in hand, we braved the crowds at Costco to do some bulk buying.

As always happens when we go to Costco, several "extra" items somehow found their way into our cart. We always find ourselves drawn in by the fantastic price of their salmon filets ($20 for ten servings' worth), and their pharmacy has a great discount on our allergy medicine.

Overall, our bill came to $172.71, which, although money well spent, kind of takes a bite out of our grocery budget. I think I need to take Jaimie's advice to think long-term about my grocery spending.

When I put $172.71 in terms of getting a few months' worth of staples, I feel good about planning ahead and buying in bulk.

When I put it in terms of riding out the days until Thursday's paycheque... ouch.

Perhaps my Freedom Account should acquire a "bulk" category...

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