Friday, February 1, 2008

Goals for February 2008

On the first business day of every month, I post my update for the previous month's progress, and set goals for the month to come.

Here are my goals for February:
  • Reduce my revolving debt to $22,300 (currently at $22,887.63) - This is a bit of a stretch, so let's see if I can make it happen.

  • Grow my Emergency Fund to $1,250 (currently at $1,229.59) - All I'm looking for here is to keep up my bi-weekly $10 contributions.

  • Obtain copies of my credit report from each of the three Canadian reporting agencies - Pretty straightforward. I identified one inaccuracy yesterday, so it's about time I did a full check of my credit history.

  • Set up an automatic monthly charitable donation - I already contribute $45 out of every paycheque to medical charities, so to get me toward my $2,000 goal for the year, I'd like to contribute to the arts, among other causes.

  • Walk to and from work every day, and work out at least three times a week - This is pretty self-explanatory; I want to blow my 25-pound weight loss goal out of the water this year.

  • Blog 30 times in February - Keep up the one-per-day average, with a bonus.

  • Finish my review of Getting Things Done - Apologies to anyone who's already tired of this one; I'm not ready to give up yet.
That should make for a productive month.

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