Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weekly weigh-in

Last Tuesday I took my inaugural weight measurement in preparation for the 25 pounds I plan to lose this year. I came in at 212lbs, as indicated in the progress bar in the right-hand column. The goal is to drop to 187lbs by December 31, which will bring my BMI down to a healthy 24.7.

In order to keep on top of my weight loss, I'll be posting my progress every Tuesday. This will be based on a Tuesday morning measurement using our bathroom scale, taken before breakfast.

To kick things off, this morning's reading showed no progress from last week. This doesn't surprise me, as we had a bit of an indulgent weekend on the food side. I've been keeping up my streak of walking to and from work every day (30 minutes each way), and I played squash three times last week, but I'll need to add a little more strenuous activity to my routine to get the ball rolling.

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