Friday, February 15, 2008

Monday is "Family Day"

In Ontario, the third Monday in February is now known as Family Day, a new statutory holiday instituted last fall. It was one of the first changes announced by the Ontario Liberals upon their 2007 re-election, and on the one hand, it seems like a shallow, "touchy-feely" gesture. However, I have to admit that a February long weekend is more than welcome.

Ms. Loonie and I are visiting friends in western Ontario this weekend, so having Monday off will let us enjoy our Saturday and Sunday travels without the pressure of getting back to the grind as soon as we get home. It's not glamourous to spend the holiday getting caught up with regular Sunday chores, but it'll be nice not to have this stuff hanging over our heads on the weekend proper.

Does your employer recognize Family Day? If so, how are you planning to spend your day off?

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