Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Holding pattern

I get paid every second Thursday, and my employer posts our pay advices online two days before our actual payday. This means that, on the Tuesday of every payweek, I can login to our HR site and check the amount of that week's pay. This is usually constant from one pay to the next, but as I mentioned in this morning's post, the first pay of the year is a bit of a question mark, because I don't know exactly what the CRA deductions will be.

I've already checked this week's pay advice online, so I have a pretty good idea of what to expect for the first half of the year. It's great to be able to check this in advance, because it helps to plan my cash flow over the next two weeks. I've set up my ING transfers, and worked out how much to allocate to debt payments, etc. I know how much is coming in, and I know how much is going out.

I just don't have the cash yet.

It's funny how knowing exactly what to expect can actually erode your patience. I really want to make the year's first update to my goal bars, and it's driving me nuts that I have to wait until tomorrow morning.

Apparently I'm a five year-old on Christmas morning.

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