Thursday, January 24, 2008

Payday update

With the year's second payday under my belt, I am firmly planted in 2008. Today's paycheque shows me exactly what I can expect in after-tax income for the next few months, so I can tighten up the details on my budget. When I estimate taxes on future income, I generally make some fairly pessimistic assumptions, so my net income actually came out a bit higher than I was expecting. Of course, once my 2008 benefits kick in, I'll see some increased deductions, but for now I'm sitting pretty.

My progress bars and NCN Network chart have been updated. I've paid $90 towards my $2,000 goal for charitable giving for the year, and I've already met my January goal for a $1,220 Emergency Fund. My debt reduction is on track so far, with my pre-interest revolving debt sitting at $22,887.60. This is below my January target of $22,900, but when interest posts to my line of credit, it will put me back above target unless I throw a bit more at my debt. This debt total includes the $148 balance transfer fee from my recent 0% MBNA shenanigans, which will need to be paid next month.

So far, so good on the financial front.

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